Joint British Societies’ Consensus Recommendations for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (JBS3)

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F1.mediumIn conjunction with the release of the JBS3 calculator the journal Heart published an open access paper looking as some of the established approaches to reducing cardiovascular risk.[1]

Whilst there are a great number of conventional strategies summarised in this review, it does not explore some of the more integrative approaches that are being increasingly developed to try to meet and manage the problems with CVD – however, it does provide a comprehensive range of lifestyle and medical interventions.

On that basis this is a useful base document that is related to the JBS3 calculator and current medical recommendations.

For a final note, it is perhaps worth reflecting that in terms of insults, there are an infinite number but in terms of responses there are only three; Inflammation, Oxidation and Immune activation – hence when faced with recommendations keep in mind there are a number of ways of achieving a reduction of all three responses, and that pharmaceutical suppression of symptoms may not be the best one!


[1] JBS3 Board. Joint British Societies’ consensus recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (JBS3). Heart. 2014 Apr;100 Suppl 2:ii1-ii67 View Full Paper

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