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Collagen, an important protein produced by the body, is the main structural protein found in the skin, tendon, and bone. The word collagen originates…

Why our immune systems are so flexible

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The human immune system possesses immense individual-to-individual diversity, and also has specialised compartmentalisation[1]. (Which means many variations in response, local tissue activity, recovery and…

Anti-aging Diets – do they work?

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A proposed test to measure inflammation, from which an ‘inflammatory age’ may be determined has recently become available. The test involves the drawing of…

Key Foods to Boost the Immune System

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Biotics Research published this short article on the potential role of foods and food concentrates on the immune system, its a useful piece to…

A Review of Larch Arabinogalactans

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Antony Haynes explores the potential mechanisms and actions of arabinogalactans, specifically from the Larch tree. The reason for choosing this topic is due to…