Education & Industry Partnerships

Since 2012, Clinical Education has brought education experiences in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine to healthcare professionals across the world. An important part of our work is signposting individuals to organisations who can assist with peer-to-peer networking, further training and practice implementation for Lifestyle and Functional Medicine.

Underpinning our mission, to change the landscape of healthcare in the UK, EU and beyond, are four core principles:


Healthcare professionals must have affordable, accessible access to validated and accredited training programmes, relevant to their scope of practice.


Healthcare providers in the UK/EU and other countries all have different time allocations and limitations with face-to-face contact with patients. To make this impactful, we recognise that we must accommodate these challenges and build training programmes and allied time saving resources around it.


Knowledge is power and we believe progression is deeply embedded in the advancement and embracing of new and emerging technologies – from health IT, to advanced laboratory tests, screening, and diagnostic equipment, to supplements and biofeedback technology.


Positive change comes from a collective voice and bringing together healthcare professionals, training providers and industry partners makes a perfect eco-system from which to learn from and thrive.

In recognition of these principles, Clinical Education has committed itself to collaborating with Education and Industry partners to bring value and educational opportunities to our members.

We acknowledge that commercial enterprises exist in an ambiguous place in academic and medical circles, however we strongly believe that innovators and creators of health and medical technology should be recognised as integral elements of the evolving healthcare landscape we are collectively working toward. Collaborating with selected partners also means that Clinical Education can continue to operate as a non-profit entity.

Clinical Education carefully selects partners that share in our mission and principles. As a result, we are delighted to offer Clinical Education members exclusive discounts, offers and training opportunities via these aligned partners.

Functional Medicine Partner

Clinical Education is proud to be one of the first international partner organisations with IFM, expanding the reach of functional medicine to the United Kingdom. Through our partnership with IFM, together, we have strengthened both organisation’s goals to further the application of functional medicine care for patients in the UK and beyond.

Discounted Regional Pricing Available to Clinical Education Members residing in the UK, EU or EMEA.  Conditions apply – see here for conditions. 

Lifestyle Medicine Partner

Focusing on biological systems rather than symptoms, Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine offers practitioners a new set of immediately implementable, safe tools which will increase job satisfaction and deliver better patient outcomes. Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine introduces a unique, easy to use framework that is applicable to practitioners within a standard clinical appointment system.  Clinical Education members recieve 10% Discount on the Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Course. Log in to claim your discount. 

Laboratory Partners

Doctor’s Data, Inc. has provided innovative specialty testing to healthcare practitioners around the world from their advanced, CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory since 1972.


Doctor’s Data helps health professionals assess and treat gastrointestinal function, hormone status, heavy metal burdens, nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular risk, liver and metabolic abnormalities, and more.


Established in 2012, Regenerus Labs is a leading diagnostics distributor with one mission; to provide healthcare professionals access to the world’s most advanced functional health testing laboratories quickly, simply, under one roof and with expert clinical and customer support.


With an extensive portfolio of over 300 tests, Regenerus Labs fulfills the needs of thousands of health professionals and their patients across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Working closely for over ten years, we are delighted to be the exclusive support partners for Doctor’s Data for the UK and Ireland.

Nordic Laboratories is the European distributor for the most comprehensively developed laboratory evaluations. As an independent, unaffiliated distributor, they assess the testing laboratories to ensure the highest degree of quality control, and that their tests are always the most reliable and clinically relevant.

Nutraceutical Partners

Nutri-Link distributes superb quality nutritional supplements direct to healthcare professionals and their patients.

They supply over 400 highly effective professional supplements – only available to or through Registered Healthcare Practitioners.

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For more than 25 years, Pure Encapsulations has produced hypoallergenic, research-based food supplements. Available through health professionals, their products are meticulously formulated using pure ingredients and designed to deliver predictable results, even for the most sensitive people. Pure Encapsulations offers you a wide selection of products that can be personalised to address a range of health functions and help you reach your wellness goals.

Hifas da Terra is Europe’s leading biotechnology company in the development of medicinal mushroom-based products for human health. As pioneers in our industry, we lead the way in creating scientifically validated solutions derived from medicinal mushrooms.  Within our comprehensive product line, we meticulously craft offerings using premium extracts supported by robust scientific research. An impressive 62% of our profits are reinvested into pioneering research endeavours, highlighting our commitment to delivering products that not only align with our fundamental beliefs but also demonstrate proven efficacy.  

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Networking and Peer Support Partners

Out of the box medics are a peer support networking group for doctors. They provide monthly webinars, a community forum and support network.

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Since 2014, the Functional Forum has brought together communities of practitioners from across six continents. Our content covers the most important clinical topics, practice development strategies, and the latest health technology. We feature thought leaders from functional medicine, precision medicine and genomics.

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Other Training Opportunities

An online course for GPs and Doctors who want to make a pivot to private practice.

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The Nutrition Collective delivers high-quality and groundbreaking nutrition training for integrative health practitioners. Their CPD events are led by world class experts in nutrition and functional medicine.

At the current time there is more need than ever for nutritional information and education to be presented in a thoughtful and accessible way. This is why we recently entered into a special opportunity with the The Nutrition Collective to offer you their annual membership at a heavily discounted rate for you.

Members of Clinical Education will receive a 15% discount on the annual membership. Instead of £220, Clinical Education members will be offered the membership for £187.

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