If physicians would read two articles per day out of the six million medical articles published annually. In one year, they would fall 82 centuries behind in their reading.

Miser WF, Critical appraisal of the Literature, J Am Board Fam Pract, 12(4): 315-333, 1999

At Clinical Education we believe in supporting the health care professionals who count on us for effective nutritional solutions. Our team of experts are committed to providing you with the latest unbiased scientific research and clinical support, plus a vast array of continuing education opportunities…because as practitioners, we understand that knowledge as well as compassion, careful listening and supportive recommendations is the key to positive patient results!

Our Story

Our founder Mike Ash, was very familiar with the needs of practitioners and clinicians for access to up to date nutritional, and lifestyle developments. Having run a very successful integrated medicine clinic for 25 years, he was also experienced in the needs of different practitioners and clinicians.

Whilst lecturing internationally to thousands of clinicians in 5 different continents, he learnt from attendees feedback and requests as to what clinicians needed, whilst remaining cogniscent of the various regulatory challenges.

A well-developed series of educational presentations began to emerge, and to reflect the needs of the participants it was felt that moving to a ‘not for profit structure, would permit independence and growth opportunity.

Having been involved with the Institute for Functional Medicine since its foundation, the synergy between Clinical Education and IFM’s educational mission made a seamless fit.

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine evolved as a partnership with highly experienced GPs to meet the growing need for a safe effective primary care option.


Here’s what your colleagues are saying..

Brilliantly presented. One of the best speakers I have heard.
Opened up new ideas for the treatment of cancer and other illnesses.
A very exciting day which could change and hopefully improve my treatment of patients

Dr J Nevison MB BS

…could not rate one part as more outstanding than another, The whole seminar was excellent.

C.B. Lic CNM

Very often there are moments, or even long periods, when one has to fight to keep the eyes open but there was not one moment of anything that was less than fascinating


It was very stimulating – great to be learning new information. I enjoyed (the) style of delivery – the knowledge, experience, passion and enthusiasm held my interest throughout and the seminar surpassed my expectations.

W.S. BSc Hons, MBANT

For me, as I don’t come from a nutritional background (Osteopath) The whole complex integration of various components was amazing, I’m pleased I will be able to view the lecture again to just be able to take some fundamental points even if some of the detail was in excess of my knowledge.

K.N. D.O.

This is the first of your events that I have attended and I was very impressed. Thank you very much for organising it, and for all the follow-up information. I hope I will be able to attend one of your workshops.

C.S. BSc (Hons) Ost Med

A great day, truly inspirational and if you keep up seminars like this, your reputation will just grow and grow.


Over the years I have attended many medical seminars, run by a variety of companies. By far the leader in the field is Clinical Education. Their seminars combine the latest nutritional scientific breakthroughs with world renowned expert speakers. The information is always first class, up-to-date and presented in an easily understandable and clinically useful form – ready to be applied to the people who need it most: your patients. I can only give Nutri-Link seminars my highest recommendation.

Dr Andrew Isaac MB BCh