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Clinical Education brings speakers from right across the world to the renowned Royal Society of Medicine, London to present their research, clinical strategies and to answer any questions. We understand that the dates might not always match yours so we record all of our seminars and make all presentations and slides available to the attendees and those who are unable to attend on the day. This allows attendees to revisit the day’s events and non-attendees the chance to listen to the presentation on their own terms, we do this with all of our many seminars.

A typical seminar pack contains the following:
You can view the table below to see what is included within your seminar pack.

  • Extensive documents from the day and other materials to support your clinical practice.
  • Access to the audio files and presentations
  • Seminar specific support documents
  • Product related information

Non attendees have the same documents available to them as the attendees, and other than missing your colleagues we try to make the learning experience as close to the actual day as possible. If you would like to visit one of the previous speakers presentations or just book up for the future seminars, or if you have just forgotten your logon details please contact the Clinical Education team on: 0333 241 4289

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We are here to make post graduate education an open minded and easy experience. Therefore, to help you on your way, we’d love to offer you a FREE CPD Seminar. Presented in 2018, Michael Ash’s Probiotics presentation will cover key information you need to know as a healthcare professional. Simply call us on 0333 2414 289 or visit this page to request your FREE seminar.

Currently Available Seminars

Order Code Seminar Speaker Year Price inc VAT Audio Recordings Presentation Slides CPD Hours
19-01 NAFLD Webinar – Part I Michael Ash 2019 FREE accepted_48 accepted_48 0.5
19 Understanding Probiotics: ‘How To Make Good Choices’ Michael Ash 2018 FREE accepted_48 accepted_48 0.45
18-03R A Functional Neurology Approach to Healing The Gut Dr. Titus Chiu 2018 £40.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 1.5
17-06R Women and Hormones from Menarche to Menopause Dr. Bethany Hays 2017 £78.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 6
16-17R GI Metabolome Workshop Ash, Haynes, Philipps and Quiq 2016 £75.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 6
16-03R Neurotransmitter Balance Antony Haynes 2016 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
15-09R Focus on Metabolism Antony Haynes 2015 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
15-08R Clinical Trinity 3 Antony Haynes & Michael Ash 2015 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
15-05R Phytonutrients, Colouful Compounds for Chronic Disease Deanna Minich 2015 £42.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
15-03R Gastrointestinal Functionality & Health Workshop Michael Ash, David Quig, Alex Vasquez 2015 £75.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 5.5
14-10R The Guts of the Matter: Weight Loss Antony Haynes 2014 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 2
14-13R FODMAPs Antony Haynes & Christine Bailey 2014 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 6
14-11R Auto Immunity 3 Antony Haynes 2014 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 2
14-05R Clinical Trinity 2 Antony Haynes & Michael Ash 2014 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
14-04R Clinical Trinity 1 Antony Haynes & Michael Ash 2014 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
13-11R Auto Immunity 2 Antony Haynes 2013 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
13-09R Clinical Trinity Antony Haynes & Michael Ash 2013 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
13-07R GI Health and Functionality Michael Ash, David Quig, Antony Haynes 2013 £30.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 5.5
12-AIR Auto Immunity 1 Antony Haynes 2012 £12.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 3
12-6R Glycophopsholipids Prof. Garth Nicolson & Dr. Rita Ellithorpe 2012 £12.00 accepted_48 accepted_48 5.5


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CPD note:

All CPD seminars have been approved by BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association). (Please note: all seminars that are more than 1 calendar year old will not be listed on the BANT CPD log but can be logged manually as self-directed learning)..50