Gastrointestinal Metablome Workshop with Michael Ash, Dr David Quig, Antony Haynes and Dr Elisabeth Philipps

About this Presentation

The role of the complex community of microbial dwellers inside our digestive tract remains a valuable, but still poorly understood resource in which changes to density and variety can have significant effects on human function and health. One of the roles of these organisms is in the generation of endogenous defence molecules including the master antioxidant, glutathione.

The synthesis of glutathione in each cell in our body is an important rate-limiting step in the progression of cellular damage and its role in human health is well recognized. Challenges to its production and utilisation include genetic abnormalities such as methylation and histone deacetylase activity, the production of key intermediates, and, diet including consumption of suitable fermentable fibres and digestible proteins.  Additionally, infections, heavy metals, medications and others not only alter glutathione synthesis but create increased demands for it through the induction of pro-inflammatory molecules. It has been recently shown that non-genetic loss of formation of the glutathione-producing enzymes can decrease glutathione and is associated with several health conditions.

This presentation is designed to explore some of the clinically relevant evolving events in microbiology, mucosal immunity and functional medicine as it relates to inflammation and health. The presenters are well known for their many years of work in research, analysis, practice and lecturing. They will present substantive evidence of these evolving trends and how they impact on clinical decisions, describing where evidence is preliminary, novel, or of greater substantiation. The day will have a strong clinical bias and provide a welcome opportunity for questions and answers.

Learning Objectives

  • Stimulate new ideas
  • Reinforce current best practice methods
  • Challenge entrenched beliefs with evolving comprehension
  • Offer new and substantive clinical ideas
  • Support the functional medicine approach to patient care
  • Diminish the temptation to be protocol driven in treatment plans
  • Provoke discussion and review
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Make you feel positive about the opportunities for helping more people recover their health safely


About the Presenters

Antony Haynes BA Hons Dip ION mBANT RNT has been in private practice for over 28 years and is one of the most experienced Registered Nutritional Therapists in the country. He is one of the first practitioners to implement the principles of Functional Medicine in the UK, since 1992.  Antony has been teaching for 28 years and regularly presents webinars to Nutritional Therapists and practitioners on a variety of different health topics.

Michael Ash. DO, ND, BSc, RNT has been in practice for some 35 years. He graduated from ION in the 1980s and also sat as a governor, chair and until recently as a fellow.
Building one of the largest integrative medicine clinics in the southwest of England (he sold this in 2007), he embraced the concepts of functional medicine and employed them in his clinical development from 1991.   Since 1992 he has researched the role of the mucosal immune system, especially in relation to the gastrointestinal tract and applied the emerging comprehension of relationships between the bacterial constituents and the immune system to his clinical needs. This clinical experience and intellectual rigor produced impressive clinical outcomes and as such he has presented in the role of ‘wet tissues’ and nutritional immunology in human health in 5 continents to thousands of clinicians over the last 15 years and has published numerous papers in peer reviewed journals.

Dr David Quig PhD received his Masters degree in Human Nutrition from Virginia Tech and his PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Illinois. Dr Quig gives presentations at International and national biomedical conferences and has served as a reviewer for prominent biomedical journals.

Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD  extensive academic training includes a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science from Kings College London, a PhD in neuropharmacology from Oxford University and a BSc in Nutritional Medicine, where she trained with Dr Lawrence Plaskett at Thames Valley University. She continues to further her knowledge and clinical experience through Functional Medicine training having completed the AFMCP UK training.


6 hours of self-directed learning

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