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Learn more about the HuMap: The Hormone and Urinary Metabolites Assessment Profile

– Estrogens, Progesterones, Androgens and Corticoids

– Key Enzyme and Oxidative Damage Markers

The GI360 Stool Profile: Extensive Assessment of the GI Microbiome

– GI Diversity and Abundance, Viruses, Pathogens, and Parasites by PCR

– Bacterial and Fungal Culturomics by MALDI-TOF with Direct Susceptibilities

Doctor’s Data, Inc. has provided innovative specialty testing to healthcare practitioners around the world from their advanced, CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory since 1972.

Doctor’s Data helps health professionals assess and treat gastrointestinal function, hormone status, heavy metal burdens, nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular risk, liver and metabolic abnormalities, and more.

Established in 2012, Regenerus Labs is a leading diagnostics distributor with one mission; to provide healthcare professionals access to the world’s most advanced functional health testing laboratories quickly, simply, under one roof and with expert clinical and customer support.

With an extensive portfolio of over 300 tests, Regenerus Labs fulfills the needs of thousands of health professionals and their patients across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Working closely for over ten years, we are delighted to be the exclusive support partners for Doctor’s Data for the UK and Ireland.