Hifas da Terra’s commitment spans both the commercial success of practitioner members and educational advancement, with over 23 years of expertise in researching and studying the clinical applications of medicinal mushrooms. The company employs biotechnology, innovation, and ecology to develop products aimed at improving health and well-being globally.

Within our Professional Area, Health practitioners can access our products to expand their range of treatment options. Practitioners also have the opportunity to become part of the extended Hifas da Terra team, hosting webinars fostering collaboration. 

Practitioners can benefit from learning opportunities presented by leading experts in the fields of nutrition and mycotherapy. Understanding how to incorporate medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps into your nutritional supplementation plans for improved patient care. The availability of Hifas da Terra’s team of mycotherapy advisors offers practitioners expert guidance.


Our Clinical Education partnership offers new joiners 35% off (must join via the HdT professional area) + a 5% discount on their first order

To access the discount, please log in to your Clinical Education Account and visit ‘My Account’.