Atishoo – that’s D’ one!

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Vitamin D Vs Influenza A Lets face it, right now we are still recovering from the various revelations about the novel variant H1N1 or…

Gut Bacteria May Make You Fat

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Obesity: A consequence of adverse inflammation & microbial disruption? By Michael Ash BSc(Hons) DO, ND, FDipION Published in CAM 2005 Overweight and obesity are…

CFIDS Virus XMRV- Link Challenged

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Controversial link. A previous study of chronic fatigue syndrome pointed to a retrovirus found in cancerous prostate cells Last October 2009 the journal Science…

Obesity, Probiotics and Pregnancy

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There are numerous reasons to lose weight but scientists continue to explore complex connections between weight and health risks. A new study in the…