Joint British Societies for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

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JBS3One of the recent developments in risk assessment for cardiovascular disease has been the updated version of the JBS2 calculator to the JBS3.

This is an online or app based piece of software to help you determine your risk for future cardiovascular disease. Ideally it is used as a tool to moderate lifestyle and diet along with behaviour to guide an individual based on a modest range of markers on how they may reduce their risk to a minimum.

The calculator uses no fasting total cholesterol and HDL, albeit if you have fasting results for these you may enter them also, once entered and a few additional bits of data entered you will be given a heart age – quite a shock for some. Further effects of reduction in TC and HDL may be tweaked to see the effect on the heart age and lifetime risk of a heart attack or stroke.

This is a well-established algorithm that means you can assist someone to periodically check their progress in terms of lifestyle, diet and medication or supplements in terms of their overall benefit and risk reduction.

The recommendations are clearly outlined in practical detail, including the underlying evidence. Illustrated examples are given that guide the reader through the process and features of the JBS3 calculator. Distinct sections are dedicated to prevention of CVD, and how to deal with conditions with high risk of CVD. Of note, the JBS3 should not be used for patients with known CVD, for whom treatment and clinician advice should be guided by established recommendations. The risk calculator may, however, be of use in this patient group to highlight the high risk and to emphasise the benefit of intervention.

I recommend you add this to one of your easily remembered clinical bookmarks.

JBS3 – Joint British Societies for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

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