Gut Bacteria Trigger Autism

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Our gut microbiota can influence our state of mind, including our mood and behaviour. In the recent issue of Cell, scientists reported that the…

Gluten Appears Related to Autism

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Reading Time: 4 minutes
As a Nutritional Therapist the concepts of gluten reactivity outside of the diagnosis of coeliac disease has been an easy leap of faith. Over…

Autoimmunity and the Worm

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Reading Time: 7 minutes
An immunologist, Dr Joel Weinstock provoked mixed reactions from the scientific community when he suggested that in line with Strachan’s hygiene theory[1] and Rook’s…

Neonatal Jaundice Linked to Autism

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Reading Time: 6 minutes
Many parents and clinicians are looking for clues often of a wild and speculative format to explain why their child may have developed autism,…