vitamin D

Here’s the thing

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In clinical practice, where lifestyle intervention is the primary strategy, it can be a real challenge to firstly motivate for change and then facilitate…

Vitamin D & C – Again!

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It occurred, after listening to various (UK and International) politicians trying to explain behaviour that the rest of the country (and most of the…

Division and Distrust

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The year ahead is of course simply a continuation of the prior year, nothing magical occurs on the 1st day of January that creates…

Vitamin D and Pregnancy

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New research from the American Heart Association reveals a link between vitamin D deficiency at birth and throughout early childhood with elevated systolic blood…

The Big Vitamin D Mistake

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The prohormone/nutrient vitamin D is well recognised to play numerous roles in the generation and management of human health, and for over a decade…

Vitamin A Recap

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“A vitamin is a substance that makes you ill if you don’t eat it.” (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1937). Vitamins…

Vit D and IBD

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A research paper published in the United European Gastroenterology Journal showed that if you are experiencing a period of remission with Cohn’s disease that…