Eating All Meals within 10 Hours Aids Weight Loss

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eating all meals within 10 hours aids healthA new study published in Cell Metabolism, by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, California, offers evidence that limiting your daily eating window to 10 hours can be beneficial to our health, promoting #weight loss, improving #sleep and preventing #diabetes.  #Intermittent #fasting has been rapidly growing in popularity and encompasses everything from skipping one meal a day to fasting a few days a week, in contrast to this, #time-restricted eating  simply requires a person to consume all of their daily calories within a ten hour window.


The researchers from the Salk Institute in conjunction with the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, were encouraged to conduct human research after the results of Satchidananda Panda’s pioneering work in animals that showed that time-restricted eating led to a healthier metabolism. Their pilot trial included 19 people, 13 men and 6 women, who had all been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and who had all self-reported eating their daily calories over a time period over 14 hours. 84% of the participants were taking at least one medication such as a #statin or an #antihypertensive therapy. The participants used the myCircadianClock app to log their meals and after a two-week baseline period they followed a three month, 10-hour time-restricted plan. None of the participants reported any adverse effects from the plan and at the end of the trial had lost 3% of their body weight on average. Improved sleep was also experienced as well as a reduction in body mass index, abdominal fat and waist circumference. The participants also saw risk factors for heart disease diminish with reduced blood pressure and total cholesterol.


Whilst a calorie amount was not recommended, most participants did report a reduction in calories, likely due to the restricted time window. Most simply delayed their first meal and advanced their last so as not to skip meals. Based on these results, time-restricted eating offers a simple but potentially powerful lifestyle intervention that can be easily added to medical practice. It has once again highlighted the importance of the body’s natural #circadian rhythm. The study does have its limitations however, with only a small number of participants and the absence of a control group, but a larger scale trial is now planned which should add weight to these initial findings.


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