RCGP Introduces New Framework to Support GPs in Lifestyle Medicine

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The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has announced the launch of a user-friendly framework designed to empower General Practitioners with Extended Roles (GPwER) in mastering Lifestyle Medicine. This innovative resource reflects RCGP’s commitment to fostering holistic healthcare practices and offers GPs valuable tools and guidance to excel in this essential field.

With a focus on integrating Lifestyle Medicine principles into everyday patient care, the framework provides a roadmap for GPs to enhance their skills and address lifestyle-related health issues proactively. By embracing preventative care and holistic wellness, GPs can make a positive impact on patient outcomes and well-being.

Notably, the RCGP has endorsed Clinical Education’s Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine course as a key qualification for GPs interested in pursuing roles in Lifestyle Medicine. This recognition underscores the course’s suitability and alignment with RCGP standards, offering GPs a reputable pathway to advance their expertise in this area.

The launch of this user-friendly framework represents a significant step forward in promoting holistic approaches to patient care and elevating healthcare standards across the board. RCGP encourages all GPs to explore the resources and opportunities available through this initiative.

For more information and to access the framework, please visit the RCGP website at https://www.rcgp.org.uk/your-career/gp-extended-roles/Lifestyle-medicine-framework-develop-maintain#Qualifications-required-to-be-a-GPwER-in-lifestyle

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