BioMask BF-200. Mimics Mucosal Cells Then Minerals Kill the H1N1 Virus

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BioMask on ArenThe influenza virus is a determined and relentless foe. Infecting about 1 billion people worldwide annually and killing hundreds of thousands. If influenza evolves into a pandemic strain, as it did three times last century, it could kill tens of millions.

Stripped to its genetic skeleton the virus that has wrought havoc on populations and caused untold misery is one of the simplest organisms on the planet. It consists of merely eight genes. Humans, on the other hand, have some 20,000 genes.

According to experts, in the first eight weeks of a flu pandemic, an effective mask could reduce the number of cases from one million to just 6. [1]

The BioMaskTM BF-200 Is A Revolutionary Anti-Infective Barrier For The Prevention Of Respiratory Infections

  • The BioMaskTM BF-200 is unique in that it mimics the host-pathogen interactions
  • The BioMaskTM BF-200 has passed all regulatory safety tests and is CE certified
  • It is non cytotoxic, non irritant, non-sensitising and presents no inhalation risk
  • The BioMaskTM BF-200 is superior to all existing surgical masks and respirators, including the normally recommended N95 face mask.
  • It can be worn for 8 hours continuously or can be worn for periods of time up to 12 hours or until contaminated with body fluids.
  • It combines mechanical filtration and biochemical ‘pathogen trapping’ with anti microbial agents including Copper and Zinc Ions which deliver the final death blow.
  • BioMaskTM BF-200 inactivates most micro-organisms including Influenza A
  • The BioMaskTM BF-200 is very tolerant to saliva and remains effective even if damp
  • Designed for optimal fit, comfort and breathability
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