Metabolites, Health and Brain Function

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Reading Time: 6 minutes
An Oct 2021 paper in BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health explored the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and mental wellbeing in school children[i].…

A Zen Moment for Immunity

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Reading Time: 9 minutes
A koan (a Zen Buddhist derived a paradoxical anecdote or riddle without a solution) for pandemic times: ‘If a microbe silently and inconsequentially copies itself in…

Is Natural Immunity Inviolable?

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Reading Time: 15 minutes
The obvious answer is NO, otherwise no one would suffer immune related illness and death. The ability of your immune system to respond, repel…

COVID-19 Linked to Autoimmunity

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Reading Time: 8 minutes
The understanding of what goes wrong in #autoimmune #disease, and why, is advancing on numerous fronts[1]. One key question that remains, is what makes some people…