Vit D Optimisation Requires Supplementation Says Harvard

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The conservative Harvard Medical School in the USA normally promotes micronutrient intake being derived from food stuffs alone. The Health Publications Bulletin out in Sept 2009 says that from the perspective of Vitamin D food sources may be inadequate and that supplementary intake is required to meet physiological optimisation. (See Video)

Whilst there are questions being raised about the need for additional oral nutrient supplementation, and even some indications there may be risk from excess ingestion of certain nutrients, on the whole, the concept that the typical dietary intake of the majority of the population meets their daily needs is attractive but flawed. Many events, and genes conspire to work against optimal ingestion of nutrient rich foods, illness and exercise then add additional requirements. The use of supplements remains a low risk to high reward way of attaining individualised optimal nutrient intake along with sensible food choices.

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