The Detox Summit

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A group of health experts (very kindly including Michael Ash DO, ND, BSc, Dip ION) have been interviewed by Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS to provide a unique, considered set of opinions in the Detox Summit on the role that enhancing the safe and healthy biotransformation of endogenous and exogenous toxins and related cellular by products has on health promotion goes live on August 4th for one week. To support this series of interviews the proposals and recommendations will now be anchored into ACTION in the form of the newly-created, Detox Challenge, a 21-day Functional Medicine-based detoxification with an emphasis on nutrition, environment, behaviours, and mental-emotional patterns.

The Detox Challenge will occur during the month of September, just weeks after the Detox Summit. Information sheets on both the Detox Summit and the Detox Challenge (one is practitioner-focused and the other is patient-oriented) are attached to the links above and below for the overview of details.

Deanna states she is also very honored and grateful to have The Institute for Functional Medicine ( collaborating with her on these two events. We believe that bringing combined information and inspiration to healthcare practitioners can assist them in modeling a Functional Medicine cleanse in their own practices. Their enthusiasm is particularly directed at the Detox Challenge.

As part of the Detox Challenge, we will be having expert interviews featured on a daily basis as connected to a theme of either body, food, emotions, mind, and/or spirit. Additionally, a number of Functional Medicine-based tools will be available to participants, as well as a live call session on a weekly basis and daily discussions on a closed Facebook page with Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners.

Deanna states it is so exciting to have a Summit of information connected to a Challenge of inspiring action. These events will be the largest, most unique, international, virtual events on the topic of disease and toxicity (food/air/water and relationships/behaviors/emotions) to ever be presented to both health professionals and consumers. We are estimating about 250,000 participants!


Are you interested in listening or taking part, why not log onto the site and register so you can listen or and encourage clients, patients and family members to do the same – let’s try and beat the estimated 250,000 attendee numbers…



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