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COVID-19, a new strain of Coronavirus, has prompted unprecedented restirctions and interventions into both personal and professional lives.  Clinical Education is dedicated to providing practitioners with balanced, researched and comprehensive education resources relating to information and strategies about COVID-19.

We will continually update this page with the latest news, resources, and links.

Dr Leo Galland – Coronavirus Protection Protocol

Provided by a Colleague, A graduate of Harvard University and New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Galland is board-certified in internal medicine. He is listed in Leading Physicians of the World and America’s Top Doctors. In 2017, Dr. Galland was awarded the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who..

Institute for Functional Medicine – Functional Medicine Resources 

A collection of resources, links and papers from a Functional Medicine perspective on prevention, testing, treatment, and recovery from COVID-19.

Dr Jeffery Bland – Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic 

A great Review piece buy Dr. Bland PhD on modifiable factors to influence susceptability to viral infections.

Don’t Just Avoid the Virus — Defeat It by Strengthening Your Immunity

Simple, science-based steps to boost your immunity can help prevent or moderate infection — including challenging the conventional wisdom about Vitamin C.

Dr Alex Vasquez – Antiviral Strategies for Coronavirus

Dr Alex Vasquez discusses the role of nutrients and botanicals in enhancing resistance to viral infection.

Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Updates Explained Clearly

Dr. Seheult illustrates key developments about COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 pathophysiology, transmission, prevention, treatment options & trials, vaccine advances, data trends, as well as the response from governments, hospitals, and communities. 

Vitamin C and COVID-19

A developing understanding of the potential use of Vit C for Covid-19 Management
According to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (Mar 3) the Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19.

What must happen to become infected? 

Covid-19, why is it that people manifest such differences in their response to infection? Why is it so impossible (at least at present) to predict an individual’s experience?

The Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19: Primer on SARS-CoV-2 Testing

 The ability to accurately identify whether individuals are at risk for, infected with, or have an immune response to SARS-CoV-2 is essential to address the COVID-19 pandemic from both a personal and a public health perspective.

A team of materials scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have built a text-mining tool to help the scientific community synthesize the mountain of scientific literature on COVID-19 being generated every day

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