Antony Haynes CAM Award Winner 2011

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Antony Haynes BA(Hons) DipION mBANT mCHNC, a founder of Nutri-Link Ltd and well known Nutritional Therapist has this year been awarded the CAM award for Outstanding Practice of the year award by CAM magazine. Hooray!

Antony is an ION graduate turned relentless educator and practitioner. By drawing on a pool of an estimated 11,500 patients (most UK GP’s actually manage less than 3,000) he is able to enthuse his students and colleagues with clinical realities as well as substantive published data. Working at Nutri-Link for the last 13 years has permitted a unique opportunity to work with thousands of practitioners seeking assistance with the management of their own clients and patients and has further added experiential value to his discourse and clinical life.

He is particularly keen on the teaching of the skills of the consultation process.

The intention he says; is to be able to create an optimal structure so that the ultimate ability of knowing what a patient needs to change to achieve their health goals is possible, whilst ensuring that the patient is listened to 100%.

Antony was one the very first UK practitioners to embrace the Functional Medicine model back in the early 1990’s and has travelled to the USA 13 times to attend the annual symposium and to add to the hundred or so CPD hours he accumulates each year in organised meetings.

The judges focused on his tireless enthusiasm for teaching and educating practitioners which has been on going for over 19 years and includes amongst other delivery methods some 400 workshops and still counting.

I have worked with Antony for over 20 years and can confirm that he shares a boundless interest in helping people recover and maintain their health using nutritional therapy as one of the key mechanisms to achieve this. Here’s to the next 20….

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