‘Nutritional Dark Matter’

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‘You are what you eat’, the maxim made memorable thanks to Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1826, is as important now as it was then.…

Healthy Choices, Healthy Planet

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The evidence for the health benefits of a varied, nutrient dense diet are vast, but new evidence has shown that by making healthy choices…

Review of Homocysteine

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By Antony Haynes BA,  Registered Nutritional Therapist The word ‘homocysteine’ has entered the lexicon of familiar words over the past decade, at least for…

Review of Migraines

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Reading Time: 13 minutes
Antony Haynes BA, RNT explores the nutritional links with Migraines. The recent heat wave in England in July 2016 with blue, cloudless skies &…