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imagesAntony Haynes BA(Hons) RNT undertakes a review of NeuroBiogenic Amines from a nutritional perspective. If you would like to listen rather than read, do visit the associated podcast here

This is a brief review of NeuroBiogenic Amines (NBA). The aim is to introduce you the names of the most important NBAs and describe briefly the functions that they have.

Next, the intention is to share with you information about a new lab test for them and lastly, & of utmost relevance to Nutritional Therapists, it will be described how one might then use nutritional intervention to support a balance of these all important brain chemicals and thereby have a significant impact on a person’s health & well-being.

Review of Humic Acid May 2016

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Zika-virus2Humic Acid

This is a review of the anti-viral properties of humic acid, an ancient soil-derived substance by Antony Haynes BA, RNT – prefer to listen? why not down load the podcast here.

In 1761Wallerius coined the term humin, referring to naturally-occurring, soil deposits of composted organic matter. HA, also referred to as humate, was probably used in Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years.

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Overview This seminar information explores the traditional model of calories in vs calories out as the explanation for weight gain, and identifies the flaws of this model. The seminar focuses on the biological addictive nature of the Western diet and sugar and how addiction determines food choice and caloric intake. It is possible that being

(2013) Antony Haynes: Auto Immunity 2

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Overview Antony Haynes provides a functional medicine perspective on a variety of auto-immune conditions. He presents the information in a series of case histories from his clinical practice. The focus of this presentation is on the metabolic processes involved in the body’s and liver’s  biotransformation (detoxification) pathways which require support when addressing the total viral

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Overview This is the first of a series of seminar entitled ‘Clinical Trinity’ which refers to the three fundamental elements of clinical practice, which are Clinical Experience (as illustrated through case history presentation), Clinical Interaction (by understanding how to liberate the meaning response in people) and Mechanisms and Science by grasping how and why different

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Antony Haynes BA(Hons) DipION mBANT mCHNC, a founder of Nutri-Link Ltd and well known Nutritional Therapist has this year been awarded the CAM award for Outstanding Practice of the year award by CAM magazine. Hooray! Antony is an ION graduate turned relentless educator and practitioner. By drawing on a pool of an estimated 11,500 patients

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