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2015dec_logoDr. Todd A. Born, is a naturopathic doctor, co-owner and medical director of Born Naturopathic Associates, Inc., in Alameda, California. Dr. Born is also the Product Manager, Head of New Product Development, Scientific Advisor for Allergy Research Group, LLC and is Editor-in-Chief of their science Focus Newsletter. He is a Thought Leader for the UK-based Clinical Education, a free peer-to-peer service that offers clinicians a closed forum to ask clinical questions and receive evidence-based responses by experts in their fields.

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(2014) Antony Haynes & Christine Bailey: FODMAPS

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 by

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Overview This seminar focuses on the increasingly popular low FODMAPs diet which has been identified as a short term eating plan for resolving symptoms of IBS. The seminar teaches you about what the low FODMAPs Diet is, and what it means in terms of food restrictions but also what alternative foods to eat. There is

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IBS And Food – Is There A Link?

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 by
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There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that certain dietary constituents exacerbate symptoms and perhaps contribute to the pathogenesis of IBS. Patients have long associated their IBS symptoms with the ingestion of certain foods, combinations of foods, or generally with meals. Response rates from elimination diets have ranged from 15%-71%,[1] with wheat, milk, and eggs being the most commonly implicated foods.

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