The ‘Clinical Trinity’ Workshop


“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come knowing this truth. We are at our best when they give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work” – Albert Schweitzer MD.

Presenters: Michael Ash DO, ND. BSc, F.DipION & Antony Haynes BA, DipION
Topic: The Clinical Trinity. How to Improve Outcomes
Date and Time: Saturday 12th Oct 2013.  Registration from 8.30am.  Workshop begins at 9.30am; 1.00pm finish
Price: Practitioners: £39 + VAT(£46.80 VAT Inclusive) Post-seminar online resource price: £30.00 (inc. VAT)
Location: Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street
London, W1G 0AE


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Patients and clients increasingly present with numerous adverse events occurring simultaneously and yet often have no real insight into how the systemic effect of each of these is greater than the individual complaint. This presents the practitioner with a problem, where to intervene, how much to intervene and for how long? for if drawn to the concept that each individual issue needs to be treated in isolation the risk of poly-pharmacy, or poly-supplementation develops with subsequent unanticipated complications.

Practitioners face this dilemma every day and often feel unsure how best to progress with least risk and maximum outcome. With over 45 years combined clinical experience the presenters have faced the same issues and have evolved a strategic approach greatly shaped by the functional medicine model to provide a way of determing a point of intervention that uses three key components simultaneously.

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The ‘Clinical Trinity’ model of clinical care reflects these core components needed to achieve optimal health outcomes. Our 3 hour presentation will inform, educate and enthral by weaving the presentation around 3 complex but common cases, to demonstrate and explain the key elements of the Clinical Trinity:

  1. Clinical Experience; as illustrated through case history presentation,
  2. Clinical Interaction; by understanding how to liberate the meaning response in people&
  3. Mechanisms and Science; by grasping how and why different molecular events conspire to increase risk and symptoms

and how to use them to evolve an effective strategy and effective management for optimal outcomes.

As experienced researchers and clinicians the speakers will assist you in learning how to utilise this highly successful model, through updated understanding, reassurance, clarification and question and answer sessions.

The presenters will:

  • Stimulate new ideas, and offer novel solutions
  • Reinforce current best practice methods
  • Challenge entrenched beliefs with evolving comprehension and application
  • Offer new and substantive clinical ideas, including the role of the ‘meaning response’
  • Support the functional medicine approach to patient care illustrated through case history reviews
  • Diminish your temptation to be protocol driven in treatment plans by opening up new strategies
  • Provoke discussion and review, through 3 Q&A sessions
  • Provide networking opportunities at breaks
  • Make you feel positive about your opportunities for helping more people recover their health safely

About the Clinical Trinity Workshop

For over 45 years Michael and Antony have managed the needs and expectations of over 20,000 private patients and clients during which time they have evolved and refined an approach to the conversion of ‘client need to optimal outcome’. Their approach ensures optimisation of the benefits that Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle interventions can bring to complicated cases.

This 3 hour workshop will provide clinicians and practitioners a chance to learn about common key mechanisms, the human interactions employed and the use of clinical experience to untangle complicated multi system dysfunction cases using minimal interventions and evidence based recommendations.

The speakers will integrate existing knowledge on molecular mechanisms of metabolism and metabolic disease with emerging knowledge on the influence of hormones, nutrients and microbial flora that influence systemic metabolism and immunity.

They will also explain some of the growing understanding of the role of processes, such as endoplasmic reticulum stress response, autophagy, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, immune activation and hormone signalling.

In summary, this 3 hour event event will mix mechanisms, substantive & exploratory science and clinical application. Utilising functional medicine principles the presenters will use 3 case histories to place emphasis on the strategic application of interventions that produce substantive, incremental gains in health recovery with additional beneficial unintended consequences and also reveal the odd clinical pearl here and there!


Michael Ash DO, ND, BSc, F.DipION

Michael Ash DO, ND, BSc, F.DipION

Since 1982 Michael has provided health care, and for 25 years he was the principle clinician at the Eldon Health Clinic one of the largest interdisciplinary clinics in the south west of England where he employed the principles and practices of functional medicine from 1991 until its sale in 2007.

Michael remain in private practice offering specialist care for patients with complex mucosal immune related conditions, as well as lecturing internationally he is also an adjunct faculty member of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Experienced in managing the needs of thousands of patients, he is able to convert complex mechanisms and immunology into real life experiences and strategies that ensure you will be better equipped to mange the needs of your clients and patients.



Antony Haynes BA, DipION

Antony Haynes BA Dip ION

A highly experienced Nutritional Therapist and author, Antony has evolved a very successful general practice utilising the functional medicine principles and practices to great effect. Well known for his delivery and oratory style, he brings real life examples to life and helps to explain how he faces decisions in practice with a measured and assured approach to generate enthusiasm and health optimisation.






Detailed itinerary will follow soon.