16 yo F with cold urticaria

I am seeing a 16-year old female tomorrow who suffers from cold urticaria. She has a severe anaphylactic reaction. She also suffers from asthma Has anyone worked with anyone with this condition before and, if so, any ideas/suggestions? I was thinking of running the following tests: 1. CDSA 2. Celiac…

Low Histamine Die/Urticaria

Hello, how long is it necessary to stick to a low histamine diet in chronic Urticaria? Or can foods be reintroduced later on a trial basis? Posted by louise courtney

67 yo M with Urticaria & chronic eczema

Severe Urticaria flare up after elimination diet for persistent eczema (67 years old man, who suffers for eczema for the last 33 years). Started anti-allergenic elimination diet for common triggers (gluten, wheat, diary, corn, histamine rich foods and solanine containing foods). He started supplementation of digestive enzymes, pro & prebiotic,…