lab testing

Cyrex Testing

Hello everyone. I have used the cyrex testing, array 3, 4 and 10 and find it very confusing and difficult to interpret. Especially array 10. Not to mention the price! What are your views/experience? For gluten sensitivity (coeliac or not) wouldn’t it better to use HLA DQ2/DQ8 and subtypes plus…


Colleagues, I need your advice regarding laboratories that do a reliable stool test for a price that doesn’t break the budget. I’ve used the 3 mentioned above and understand their benefits and limitations. What are your thoughts? Thank you, Natalie

Vitamin A Supplementation

I was really interested to hear Michael Ash’s views on vitamin A at the recent AFMCP and I realised I haven’t given much attention to it in my practice. Due to hearing toxicity issues in supplementation it was not an area I felt really comfortable with. But having now read…