Gastrectomy and Colonectomy

Hi all, A friend has had removal of stomach, colon, part of pancreas, and spleen following a cancer diagnosis (type still to be confirmed though the mass was in her stomach/colon and was not colon cancer) She will be undergoing chemotherapy as soon as she is strong enough and is…

48 yo M with Gastrectomy

As a result of stomach cancer. Have advised px on food & nutrient intake, chewing, small meals, more easily digestible meals etc but does anyone have any experience with such a large gastrectomy and which particular digestive enzymes / probiotics have been useful in similar cases? Also researching protein powders/amino…

Gastrectomy and supplements?

Hello have had a question regarding a client who had a gastrectomy 8 months ago and she wants to take Vit C? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Alix Woods