fish oil

Suggest an alternative to Arctic Cod Liver Oil?

Many thanks for you detailed response Dr Decker. Could you suggest an substitute for Permavite? I think they changed the formula a while ago it now contains pea protein which he is allergic to. He is also allergic to fish, could you suggest an alternative to Arctic Cod Liver Oil?

Fish oils and flax seed oil

Fish oils and flax seed oil all seem to contain vitamin E. What is your advise on recommending these whilst client on Statins?

70 yo F with intolerance of fish oil capsules

Female client, 70yrs, cannot tolerate fish oil capsules When she tried to take these before, she got belching afterwards, with an oily taste and mild nausea. She is generally intolerant of fatty foods, gets a sharp pain mid chest an hour or so after eating them. I’ve been treating her…

Fish oils Query

What would you recommend as a maintenance dose? So for example, Fish oils have been given to a client for x reason for approximately 3 months, then body balance oil is recommended, so as not to skew the omga ratios to much in favour of Omega 3. At what point,…