59 yo F with Cartilage healing

She has also had tests that reveal low bone density. Recommending Arthred powder in first instance (plus vit C), but wondered what would be optimum dose? Also what other connective tissue support would be helpful? Thanks, Janet Ledsham

knee meniscus tear

Support for a knee meniscus tear I wonder if I can ask for some addition thoughts for a 16 year old county rugby player who has a large tear in his left knee meniscus. He injured the knee 6 weeks ago and is no longer in pain and the swelling…

Wound healing

Just wondering if any of you (Antony) know of wonder products to speed wound healing. I have had a nasty accident – fell down a sewer when the manhole cover collapsed under my feet. I have a 15cm v shaped laceration just under my knee. Have been in for surgery…

Marfan Syndrome

Does anyone have any experience with treating people with Marfan Syndrome. I would be really interested in hearing what support nutrients could be used. Thanks Posted by Beatrice Rabkin