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2015dec_logoAntony Haynes, BA(Hons) Dip ION, mBANT, mCNHC, mIFM. Antony Haynes is co-founder of Nutri-Link Ltd, a subsidiary of Allergy Research Group LLC. He presents 3 compelling cases for your interest.

‘Resilience and fortitude’ are the keywords that come to mind when I think of Garum Armoricum®; one of my favorite supplements for optimizing stress tolerance in patients. I have recommended it to hundreds of patients over the last fifteen years, and find it effective for every form of negative stress: accidents, injury, divorce, emotional trauma, anxiety, fatigue, depression and more. It consistently helps people bounce back from their disturbed state more swiftly than they would on their own. Here are three of my cases that have stood out to me over my career.

Blue Ling: Fish Food For a Healthy Brain

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Would you pay £300 for a simple bottle of fermented, salted fish sauce? The ancient Romans once did—it was known as Garum.1  Archaeologists have discovered Garum factories in ancient Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa. Southeast Asian cooking is renowned for its distinctive, nutritious fish sauces. Modern science suggests there is a reason—beyond flavour—that certain fish

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