(2013) Antony Haynes: Auto Immunity 2

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Overview Antony Haynes provides a functional medicine perspective on a variety of auto-immune conditions. He presents the information in a series of case histories from his clinical practice. The focus of this presentation is on the metabolic processes involved in the body’s and liver’s  biotransformation (detoxification) pathways which require support when addressing the total viral

Abundant Energy

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National Seminar Details Fatigue is one of the most commonly presenting complaints, affecting millions of people; it is pandemic. There is no formal diagnosis, simply a subjective opinion about the way you feel. It reduces quality of life, affects productivity, creativity, well-being and happiness and is prevalent in modern society. Come and learn how to

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The Food and Health Section of the Royal Society of Medicine is holding its next full day presentation on the 27th May 2010.


  • There is currently no consensus about how the beneficial associations between the consumption of foods and food constituents and body health can be tested and firmly established. Conclusive proof is plainly required today as the basis for setting nutrient intake recommendations and for assessing the substantiating evidence for nutritional and physiological benefits in the form of health claims on foods and food constituents.
  • The current imperative is that any opinions and recommendations should be ‘evidence based’, an objective with which it would be hard to disagree. However, the key questions relate to what constitutes the totality of the evidence and by what means it should be developed and weighed.
  • The purpose of the workshop is therefore to review some of the problems associated with evidence-based nutrition, to discuss what constitutes efficacy for foods and food constituents and how the strength and consistency of the evidence can be assessed.