Big Pharma Banks on Fatty Liver Disease

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1-fatty-liver-diseaseWhere there’s a buck to be made…

Dr Carrie Decker ND explores trends in R&D by pharmaceutical companies and the evolving problem of liver conditions. With increasing rates of obesity and metabolic syndrome, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) have become increasingly common, such that they are now the most common cause of liver disease in Western countries.[i] This has not gone unnoticed by those in the market of drug development. Where there is a disease to “treat” there is a buck to be made.

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The use of Randomised Clinical Trials are generally heralded by medics as being the gold standard for clinical assessment of validity of use for medicines and are frequently held out by skeptics as the intellectual anvil on which to pound complementary and alternative medicine.

There has over the last few years been a dedicated strategy by individuals and groups opposed to natural medicine to raise questions concerning the validity of research conducted to identify efficacy of natural therapies and in part this has been undertaken by applying the same rules of engagement for those required or favoured by pharmaceutical objectives.

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Almost everyone who practices non western medicine will have an opinion about the role of drug companies in the proliferation of questionable medicines. One of the primary mechanisms used by pharma to deliver their message to the public and to physicians is through the media of advertising, on television in the states and in magazines, journals and on the web in the UK.

So, when looking at the data presented it needs to be seen n the context of reality, not in the context of simple prescriptive persuasion.

Here are the most common ruses used: