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By Dr Stephen Levine PhD.

This issue of FOCUS has special meaning for me. It reaches back in time to the incredible excitement generated in the early 1970’s by the stunning discoveries of Singer and Nicolson. These two scientists deciphered the actual biochemical structure of the cellular membrane. They called it the Lipid Bi-Layer Fluid Mosaic Model. I was a graduate student in genetics at UC Berkeley. Their model was talked about in laboratories, over lunch tables, and in classrooms. It was a truly exciting time.

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There is a simple arithmetic to human life that holds deep insights into health and disease—the rate of our cell generation minus the rate of our cell loss determines the growth or degeneration of a tissue.

Recent evidence indicates that the interplay between our mitochondria, mitophagy (the removal of impaired mitochondria by a specialised version of the autophagy pathway by delivering mitochondria to the lysosomes for degradation) and autophagy links aging to health or disease.[1]

Glycophospholipids and their Effect on Fatigue

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 by | Comments: 21
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Michael Ash interviewed colleague Dr Rita Ellithorpe MD for CAM on the clinical application of a patent pending form of phospholipids known as glycophospholipids and commercially sold as NT Factor and referred to as Lipid Replacement Therapy® (LRT®).

Unusually for many food supplements, glycophospholipids have been the primary ingredient in a number of research papers, some of which has had Dr Ellithorpe as a primary contributor. Her colleagues in this work have included Prof Garth Nicolson and Dr Settenari. References relating to some of these studies may be found at the end of the interview. LRT® is scientifically validated in 9 preclinical and clinical trials over the past 15 years, with millions of doses safely taken by consumers.  More than 25 articles in scientific and medical journals have been published on its benefits.