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As each month goes by the dynamic and intersecting relationships between our gastrointestinal organisms and the food we consume continues to open all sorts of opportunities for comprehension and treatments. Faced as the western and many non-western cultures are with the expansion of non-communicable diseases and inflammatory disorders, the idea of simply suppressing a abnormal response to a common trigger is losing some of its appeal – there is no doubt that pharmaceuticals have tremendous clinical benefits, but faced with the decision to use a drug every day for life, or to make lifestyle changes – many people are opting for the lifestyle option.

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It is probably true to state that most of us are not attracted to the idea that mucus is a substance we should really spend any substantive time investigating. But as far as our wet tissues are concerned this is the neighbour they all want on their side. This sticky gloop contributes to mucosal immunity by allowing nutrients and other valuable molecules to pass whilst preventing pathogen adhesion.

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