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imagesKeeping your blood sugar in check by Dr Carrie Decker ND.

In this article, learn more about diabetes, and natural ways to support blood sugar balance. Key Points:

  • Relationship of diabetes with food economics
  • Diabetes statistics and complications
  • Metabolic syndrome as a risk factor for diabetes
  • Holistic interventions for blood sugar management including dietary choices, exercise, and evidence based supplementation
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Dr Todd Born ND explores the increasingly common problem of NAFLD.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) refers to the presence of hepatic steatosis when no other causes for secondary hepatic fat accumulation (eg, heavy alcohol consumption) are present.  NAFLD may progress to cirrhosis and is likely an important cause of cryptogenic cirrhosis.[1],[2]  NALFD is now the most common cause of abnormal liver biochemistry in North America and likely in the UK and is also known to be associated with some drugs, genetic defects, obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.[3]

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But…. it also appears to offer far more than simply compressing overall body mass. For some time the world of gluten sensitivity as well as the pathology coeliac disease have been experiencing a substantial amount of increased scientific and lay interest. The long held critique that most Nutritional Therapist suggest avoiding gluten in the absence of CD is a needless and just a fallacious recommendation has come under increasing credibility attack.

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I think we all accept that changes in insulin levels over time predispose people to the development of type II diabetes and that this is often accompanied by the central adiposity that distinguishes the metabolic syndrome morphology we have come to look for.

This study, published in PLOS One this year (2010), suggests that besides these clinical indications another slightly less obvious change to body mass affects insulin resistance and increases risk of diabetes.[1]