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time to take noticeThere has been a growing body of evidence indicating the positive impacts of nature for people.  A recent survey conducted by the University of Derby’s Nature Connectedness Research group, and in partnership with the National Trust, has shown how those people with an active ‘engagement’ with #nature are more likely to be #happier and feel their lives are worthwhile. A strong bond with nature was proven to be important for both children and adults’ #wellbeing.

Happiness Flow Chart

Thursday, 05 May 2011 by
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Many of us, the coalition government included is interested in what makes us happy and why. The flow chart below makes the decision tree of when to change and why very simple. At a time when procrastination appears to prevent people from making timely and appropriate decisions that will effect the status of their emotional outcome and they continue to repeat behaviour patterns that produce the same outcome, send then this chart. Suggest that simple but effective recognition, acceptance and implementation of the plan will work.

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