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So the pursuit of sex drugs and rock and roll may have a neurological connectivity that sees the release of our mood enhancing neurotransmitter – Dopamine as the chemical of every young man’s fantasy – or at least contemporary culture would have us believe this.

As you might imagine the role of music in societies around the world has evolved on more than Simon Cowell’s influence and reflects a communal experience that scientists now feel they can at least in part explain the reasons why – albeit that there are many forms of music that I find personally incapable of inducing any sense of anticipation that does not include images of the performer bound and gagged!

FAT? – I’m Not To Blame It’s My Genes!

Sunday, 04 April 2010 by | Comments: 4
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Michael Ash BSc(Hons) DO ND FDipION reviews a selection of papers exploring the intersection between our genetic code and the style of food ingested in ever increasing amounts, in which fat and sugar make up the dominant components.

It’s clear from numerous studies that a sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in fat and sugar have profound effects on human mortality and morbidity through adverse weight gain.[1] The enormous human genome project, started in 2000 has also thrown up a number of markers in our approximately 21,000 genes related to an historical adaptive need to store fat when food was scarce and starvation an ever present threat. Some have interpreted this by saying that the reason they are obese or cannot lose weight is down to their genes, and that this may in turn abrogate them from actively altering lifestyle patterns, others have questioned the accuracy or validity of this causal relationship. [2],[3]

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