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Frankincense-as-an-Anti-inflammatory#Frankincense is a traditional medicine from the East believed to have many therapeutic properties, including creating an #anti-inflammatory effect. It is harvested from the resin of the #Boswellia tree and researchers believe that it can prevent the release of #leukotrienes, which are compounds that can cause #inflammation. One of its key, anti-inflammatory, substances is #boswellic acid, which makes it suitable for the treatment of diseases such as #asthma, #rheumatoid #arthritis and #neurodermatitis.  A study by Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany) and Louisiana State University, has now been published –Nature Chemical Biology– uncovering the molecular mechanism behind its anti-inflammatory effects.

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When faced with the question what do I need fish oils for and what dose should I be taking for the management of pain and stiffness, it is always handy to be able to refer to a reliable third party source. This open access paper describes just ‘what the prescriber needs to know’.  This manuscript speaks directly to practitioners and patients who would like to experience fish oil benefits. It was published in 2006 by researchers from Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia. It is worth downloading and keeping on your computer for ease of reference.

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