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header-3b910cae-74f1-4559-8cef-25ede860f04eAcross the world there are chronic diseases affecting the lives of many, most of which are preventable or modifiable by appropriate lifestyle changes. Yet currently politicians are unwilling to legislate change, to force behaviours that in turn diminish the costs to the individual and to society.

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We often forget what marvelous machines our bodies are. Each of our organs is constructed from diverse cell types arranged in a complex, stereotyped pattern, allowing them to carry out their assigned tasks — propelling blood, composing a paragraph, or absorbing nutrients. Perhaps more remarkably, these organs operate continuously for decades, requiring constant remodeling to replace cells lost to attrition.

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The process of maintaining life for the individual is a constant struggle to preserve his/her integrity. This can come at a price when immunity is involved, namely systemic inflammation. Inflammation is not per se a negative phenomenon: it is the response of the immune system to the invasion of viruses or bacteria and other pathogens.