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The use of Randomised Clinical Trials are generally heralded by medics as being the gold standard for clinical assessment of validity of use for medicines and are frequently held out by skeptics as the intellectual anvil on which to pound complementary and alternative medicine.

There has over the last few years been a dedicated strategy by individuals and groups opposed to natural medicine to raise questions concerning the validity of research conducted to identify efficacy of natural therapies and in part this has been undertaken by applying the same rules of engagement for those required or favoured by pharmaceutical objectives.

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The Netherlands Journal of MedicineThere is at present a considerable amount of legislation being implemented concerning the role of claims linked to food and supplements.

Considerable complications in the food industry are being faced as the European Food Safety Agency apply very tight filters to allow different levels of claims to be applied to products. One complaint is that the pharmaceutical approach to validation is unsuitable and therefore unworkable as foods are not the same as medicines in terms of mechanisms and actions.

Though it is of course accepted that food is vital to managing health and lmiting disease risk there is a central dogma that protecting the consumer is paramount, even if the blind conviction in this aim results in the exclusion of safe and health contributing food and supplements.

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