How Oxidative Stress and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis May Play a Role by Dr Carrie Decker ND Addiction: A Stressed, Nutritionally Depleted System It likely is not a stretch to envision the stressors that the entire human body and mind must endure during battles with addictive substances and/or behaviours. Be it a drug like heroin or

So the pursuit of sex drugs and rock and roll may have a neurological connectivity that sees the release of our mood enhancing neurotransmitter – Dopamine as the chemical of every young man’s fantasy – or at least contemporary culture would have us believe this.

As you might imagine the role of music in societies around the world has evolved on more than Simon Cowell’s influence and reflects a communal experience that scientists now feel they can at least in part explain the reasons why – albeit that there are many forms of music that I find personally incapable of inducing any sense of anticipation that does not include images of the performer bound and gagged!