Medicine’s Dirty Little Secret

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No, this is not about the vagaries of drugs, nor the immense pressure brought to bear on governments by the pharmaceutical behemoths determined to medicate everyone. It is about something discussed a number of times in this educational web site – Faecal Transplant Therapy.

Numerous people have utilised this mechanism to resolve persistent and life threatening conditions, in effect re-seeding their colon with bacteria from a healthy and willing donor can have dramatic beneficial effects – even if the process is challenging.

England’s Wellcome Trust started an informative article blog a while ago and one of their contributors Bryn Nelson has put together a story of the development and use of faecal transplants in a well written Narrative, whilst this site normally contributes its own material I recommend a click through to the article, settle down away from your meal and digest the information – my view is that this will soon emerge as a simple well utilised therapy with an as yet unknown range of benefits and minimal risks.

Medicine’s Dirty Little Secret by Bryn Nelson

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