10 Things People Love about AFMCP-UK

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AFMCP™-UK 2018 is proving to be our most successful course to date.  So, we’d thought we’d take a minute to think about what makes it so popular? Why are more and more practitioners and doctors waking up to Functional Medicine?

The premier Functional Medicine foundational course and the most comprehensive Functional Medicine training available. Attendees receive an in-depth, evidence-based overview of the six physiological systems—cardiometabolic, immune, hormone, energy, gastrointestinal, and detox—which provide a firm foundation for treating all types of clinical disorders.

Facilitator-led education. IFM-trained clinicians are by your side all week to help you get hands-on experience with the clinical concepts so you go home ready to integrate them into your practice.

Case-based training. IFM believes we learn best when we put theory into practice. AFMCP™ pairs cutting-edge, evidence-based research and clinical understanding with real-life medical cases you may encounter every day.

Built on the premise that we learn better together. AFMCP™ provides many opportunities to interact with your colleagues. Attendees sit with likeminded practitioners who are local to them for the first three days and engage with each other and expert educators in breakout case study sessions. Attendees are also given multiple opportunities to network with their peers.

Diverse educators who are the best in their fields. IFM’s educational programs are led by a diverse set of educators with areas of expertise that include the microbiome, genomic medicine, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle change. Educators are drawn from clinical practice, education, and research, and each educator has several years of experience practising Functional Medicine.

Open to various healthcare fields. Practitioners, clinicians and researchers interested in gaining foundational training in Functional Medicine may attend AFMCP™ (subject to appropriate lecenture).

Fulfils the first of seven courses required for IFM Certification in Functional Medicine. IFM has designed AFMCP™ to act as the foundational course in the IFM Certification Program (IFMCP), which is the gold standard of Functional Medicine training. If you decide to take future Functional Medicine courses with IFM, this can culminate in IFMCP certification.

A worldwide movement. AFMCP™ is now offered multiple times a year in locations throughout the United States. In 2018, AFMCP™ is scheduled to take place in London for the 5th time.

In premier hotel locations in the most exciting cities. AFMCP™ is always located in premier hotels in cities with lots of things to do and places to see. This year is no exception – we’re right on the banks of the River Thames with views toward Westminster.

All catered food is based on IFM’s Elimination Diet Food Plan and much, much more. The food is the flagship element of AFMCP™-UK. We put Functional Medicine into practice by only serving food on breaks found in our recommendations. This includes gluten-free and dairy-free food as standard and many, many more delicious Food As Medicine concepts you may not have heard of.


Find out more: www.afmcp-uk.org 

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