Baby Eating problems

I am due to see a 9 month girl who has stopped eating for no apparent reason, though she began normal weaning with no difficulty. GP and Health Visitor aware, no practical help. Mother at wits end. Baby will only eat 4-month pouch purees and mashed broccoli, plus aptamil porridge…

Crohn’s preventative

Mother seeking dairy-free Crohns-preventative diet for 1 year old baby I am soon to see a 1 year old baby and mother. Mum now 33 yrs old was diagnosed with Crohns age 26 years- having never previously experienced any digestive symptoms. Her Grandma had ulcerative colitis. Mum is keen for…

Advice on use of multivitamin formulations in infants

What is the current view on the benefits/need to supplement infants from 6 months. This baby is starting the weaning process and wants to ensure her baby is getting all the essential nutrients. He continues to be breastfed. Suggestions on products also appreciated. Ann Garry