43 yo F with Adenomyosis

43 year old female has just been diagnosed with Adenomyosis. I don’t know much more about her history at this point, only that she also suffers from dysmenorrhoea and menorrhagia. Has anyone supported this condition effectively? Is so how? Any advice truly appreciated. Jessica

39 yo F with heavy periods

39 year Female, experiencing very heavy periods with post ‘spotting’ for 10 days. Also suffers from eczema on feet. Has been on Zest4life low GL prog & eczema has improved but still suffering¬†with her pms & bleeding. Have suggested some gut healing, L-Glutamine & probiotic in the evening as had…

14 yo F with irregular periods, spots and excessive sweating

14yr old girl with symptoms of irregular periods, spots and excessive sweating. From an initial chat with Mum, I know that her daughter dances after school 4 times per week and this is when she struggles with the excessive sweating. My initial thoughts are possible blood sugar imbalance and hormone…