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Lichen planus – 71year old lady can’t get rid of it

I previously put this on the forum and she followed the recommendations. Unfortunately, she has it in her mouth, she has had to have teeth removed and has had it lasered twice but it returns and also has  it on her skin now which is being treated with steroid cream.…

45 yo F with complicated case history

Female, aged 45, 5ft 2in, 12st 8lbs. Kidney transplant recipient as a result of complications from Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, kidney is now 32 years old and still going strong. No problems with the kidney and function is deemed normal – Client has no specially prescribed diet Main symptoms: overweight, fatigue, recent…

Autoimmune Dysbiosis supplements

One of my clients is a female 34 years old suffering from 1 diagnosed autoimmune diseases: lichen planus diagnosed 7 years ago. She also suffers from multiple food intolerances and skin rashes, ear discharge and itching. ( Antecedents: microbal ecologyI, triggers: emotional trauma, giving birth Mediators: leaky gut, food intolerances,…

72 yo F with lichen planus thrombophlebitis abx burning mouth synd

My question refers to Lichen Planus and improvement as a side effect of treatment for thrombophlebitis with anti-biotics. Is there any research or anecdotal evidence of this in other patients with LP? My client is aged 72, female, 5 foot 3 inches, average 11st 4 lbs – mother died of…

lichen planus

Hi have a client coming to me next week with recent diagnosis of lichen planus – she also wishes to do a food intolerance test. Any advice re diet and supplements please ? Posted by Ashling

lichen planus

I have a client suffering with lichen planus. Apart from this he is perfectly fit and healthy. Does anybody have experience of this disorder and whether supplementing EPA/DHA may help? Posted by Joy

lychen Planus

do you have any recommendations to help support lychen Planus? My client is female and is experiencing discomfort in her mouth and vulva area. many thanks Posted by Laura de la Harpe

Lichen Planus

I have a patient menopausal patient with Lichenoid reaction, she has had this condition for 20 years. Having been informed by her oral pathologist that this was an allergic reaction to her amalgam fillings, she had 3 of about 12 amalgam fillings replaced with gold. However there has been no…

lichen planus

Hi. Any ideas for a friend/client who has lichen planus of the mouth and throat who doesn’t want to take steroids please? Posted by Debra

Lichen Planus

Any ideas for Lichen Planus and Burning Tongue Syndrome (BTS)? My sister is losing her hair through Lichen Planus. A client has Lichen Planus in her mouth. Both have BTS -any connection Posted by Philippa Levinson

Lichen planus

I have a menopausal women who suffers from Lichen planus in her mouth (since 10 years, itchy red lesions) and she also recently developed in on her vulva (as white streaks). She originally came in to lose weight but I’d like to treat her for the Lichen Planus – does…