heavy metals

Lead Detoxification

I have a client who had high mercury and very high lead initially (urine test, DMSA challenge). I put her on a detox protocol using DMSA (and a gut binder and alpha lipoic acid) and the lead dropped a lot (and also the mercury). We continued with the same protocol…

Chelating agents

Hi I have a question about chelating agents I am planning to recommend a Toxic element clearance test to a client, can you recommend a suitable chelating agent and advise on dosage please. Many thanks Gillian

Heavy metals testing

Keen to get a steer on preferred tests for heavy metals, please. I have a client who had mercury (Hg) fillings removed without a proper protocol, and some other symptoms that point to other potential toxicity. Hair, urine or otherwise? Thanks Rachel Martino

Heavy metal test results

Hello I am a nutrition student at CNM (Manchester) and I have just received my test results for Toxic elements from Genova Diagnostics. This test was done for me because I am not getting pregnant, and also had one miscarriage. The test results are: Lead 10ug, mercury 4,33ug, Arsenic 72ug,…