gluten intolerance

Possible Glucose/dairy/gluten Intolerance in a 6 yo G.

“In terms of her problems I would say that she is very Jeckyl and Hyde, sometimes being heartbreakingly kind, considerate, gentle, thoughtful, funny, bright, happy and affectionate. Yet in a heartbeat that can turn on a sixpence, and she is easily described as angry, spiteful, vicious, violent, out of control,…

Gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance Last year I wasn’t, reduced gluten intake for two years, now I am gluten intolerant. What could be the cause? How do I get rid of it? Christina Chivers

Gluten intolerance

Preparing to see new client. 11 year old girl, diagnosed as gluten intolerant age 2 years. Current problem is that her abdominal area becomes swollen as the day progresses. The swelling tummy has been present for the last 2 years. She strictly excludes gluten and Her early life includes a…