glandular fever

41 yo M with high ferritin, allodynia, gut issues and fatigue

I saw this client last week and am requesting help with a strategy in going forward. He presents with fatigue after glandular fever episode in 2000 (EBV confirmed) and has experienced energy issues ever since, also he now has a skin condition, Allodynia, which causes his skin to be highly…

60 yo F with MS

Help with MS Client Rosie Pearce Registered Nutritional Therapist Female 60yrs 9st 4lb, 5ft 8in. (BMI 20) Lives on her own is very much restricted by her MS as affects her mobility, she is still able to drive and enjoys sailing. She is very limited to what food she can…

50 yo F with CFS

50 year old female, history of glandular fever now diagnosed with CFS I have a patient who is 50, ran a very active lifestyle until recently ( long distance runner , swimming, cycling and weight training ) Prior to 2006 very healthy. 2006 contracted Glandular Fever Feb 2013 another bout…

16 yo F with glandular fever

Supporting recovery from glandular fever (girl, 16 yrs old) Has anyone has experience in dealing with patients affected by glandular fever? Any particularly effective protocols that you might have recommended? Would you advice taking humic acid ? Thank you for your help. Posted by Monica

Glandular fever

My daughter appears to have glandular fever. neck is too painful to swallow anything. She’s been ill 2 weeks and the glands aren’t going down. Any suggestions for easing the pain would be most welcome. Tina

Glandular fever

Hi, I have a 20 yr old female, glandular fever for over a year. She didn’t properly rest last year. Has fatigue, low immunity and loss of appetite. Any suggestions to help her get through this? She would like to be able to return to education in the autumn. She…

22 yo M with sinusitis, heartburn, digestive problems history of Glandular Fever

Male, 22, ongoing sinusitis, heartburn, digestive problems history of Glandular Fever. Male 22, presenting health concerns of: Heartburn, sinusitis, digestive problems, food sensitivities, sore throat, swollen tonsils. History: 2008 contracted Glandular Fever in Ghana, spent a week in hospital there followed by a further week in the UK. General health…

Glandular Fever

One of my female clients suffered from glandular fever last year and furthermore contracted lyme disease this summer. She’s very fatigued, pale and exhausted. Any recommendations? Lisa Wulf