Hi, A friend who is currently breastfeeding her 5 month old baby has emailed me this article and asked for my advice. The study seems to go against all other recommendations and there is the issue of infant gut maturity at 4 months. Also introducing gluten at 4 months of…

36 yo F with hypothyroid, who is breastfeeding

Hi there, I am recently qualified and would appreciate some advice on products which would be suitable whilst breastfeeding. Also, is it possible for H.Pylori to be present in the stomach if it is not present in the stool? Thanks Ruth

Immune support for breastfeeding Mums

Hi, I currently have a couple of breastfeeding Mum’s who have bought their children to me for treatment of various issues. Although the Mum’s are not my patients, they both seem to be rather run down and suffering with low immunity at the moment and they have asked me if…